Glitz - RMA Shim Downloader

Glitz is a collection of mirrors for publicly-available RMA shims that can be used with SH1mmer.
As of currently, Glitz provides five different mirrors to download shims from.

Discord Download Instructions:
1. Install this extension, (or an equivalent)
2. Open the extension, and click the big "C" on the left to enable it.
3. Download your bin from the Discord mirror, and uninstall the extension after.

In order to use these RMA shims to un-enroll your Chromebook, you will need to inject SH1mmer here.
These files aren't endorsed, created, provided, nor officially supported by Mercury Workshop.


credits: & hosted & edited by @notdarkn
improvements all thanks to @waveeeeeee by @diffusehyperion by @twinspikes
originally created by @julia_j

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